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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In tears right now... What a message.

So I was just watching an episode of the doctors and stumbling on the web reading a story of a man who also had developed type 2 diabetes and reading that the average life span of a diabetic is only about 20 years. That struck a chord with me as I read it.... 20 years... That would make me only 48. Possibly blind, missing toes, heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, ALL by 48! That means I wont be able to see my children have children, or possibly see them get married!

I have heard it all before but heres what really got me: On the Doctors, there was a man who wouldnt stop smoking and he had issues that put him at even higher risk for an early grave.

His family recorded a short movie called "Life after Jack" showing interviews of what they missed about their dad/husband/brother. I immediately was filled with thoughts of my family without me, what would they say, what would I miss, would I be missed, how could I knowingly leave them early to fend the world on their own!

It took seconds for me to be in tears. I really dont have any excuse but selfishness for why I dont take better care of myself!

I feel horrible about where I have let myself get to but the good news is that I am only 28 and not 48 and still have time to fix it.

I can see myself as a happy, healthy, active mom/wife/daughter. I honestly have to make a life change. I must be more active. I must make healthy food choices to fuel a healthy happy body.

I am so very ready and will never be perfect but will work to be a good example.

Love and Health,

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