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Friday, April 9, 2010

Cheese... :-/

Okay so I had every intention of doing well today. I woke up early for the staff meeting at work. My boss was asking me to complete a bunch of stuff and realized tonight was the booster club Bingo night at the kids school. Ugh! I forgot to ask for a shift swap!

Boss man says he will cover me tonight if I help him out tomorrow. Ok cool... Uh wait, you close tomorrow! Seriously? NOT COOL! Crap.

So now Im feeling a little stressed out because my weekend already sucks but do I get a break, nooooo. I have a split shift today and now I have to close again tomorrow??? DAMN-IT!

Anyways, I left after the meeting I went to my mom's house where my daughter was at (she's in afternoon kindergarten). I get there thinking I will eat some oatmeal for breakfast but do I??? Of course not!

Now a lot of people have a trigger food, one that once you eat it you eat it until its gone or you cant eat anymore. Mine? Cheese. Good cheese. Ugh... My total weakness.

So Mom has Horseradish cheddar in her refrigerator. So I decide to have 2 oz. I have the points so why not... Yeah wrong! I ate it slow at first then mindlessly ate the second half. Then I walk my butt back into the kitchen and get the rest of what was left. I at 14WWP in cheese... That was 5 oz people!

Do I feel horrible about it? No. Do I think I should have stopped with my first trip? Yes. Do I understand why I went back? Not really. What I stress eating? Probably.

So Now I have very few points left for the rest of the day. Careful for the rest of the day should keep me from getting out of control on my daily points but I wish I could have just left it alone. Oh well, its done -- Moving on.

Tangent over :-)

Love and Health,


  1. I am accepting that I cannot handle moderation right now in many foods. Just cannot do it. I tried again recently and went on a binge. Sigh. I hope that someday I will be able to incorporate moderation into my eating but suspect that there will always be some foods that I am just better off never eating again.

  2. Yeah but they are sooo good right!? That is just not fair ;) I still luv me some cheese but only on special occasions.

    I keep it frozen and cut up so I have to consciously take out a certain amount to defrost so I cant go overboard... But... I also wasnt at my own house...

    Tough stuff...