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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

So have you seen Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? I am in FULL support of this movement! Both of my children maintain a healthy weight and an active lifestyle. Both are willing to discuss nutrition and health at any time and BOTH love to help prepare healthy home cooked meals.

Now I on the other hand began gaining weight around 7 years old. I remember in first grade we had to weigh at school. At 7 years old I weighed in at an average 57lbs. I remember that day distinctly. You see, my mother was an obsessive dieter and constantly was complaining about being overweight. As a child I was VERY aware in my mind that people eat a lot of food, get fat, and diet this way then diet that way.

By the time I was 10 I had gained 43 pounds and was a quite chubby but still tall for my age 4th grader. There was a girl in my class who weighed 69 pounds at 10.... I remember hating her.

I began my dieting struggles with my mother around that time. You see she was turning 30 and was losing her mind! Everyone always told her, "You think its hard to lose weight now, wait until you're 30" I mean it was full on starving, binging, richard simmons, weight watchers, susan Powter, mayo clinic, cabbage soup and so on craziness. I sadly was along for the ride. I stopped growing taller at about 10 1/2 and was 5 feet tall. Everyone had caught up to my height but my weight continued to creep up.

My weight has climbed a lot over the years all because I never saw a healthy relationship with food...

I believe in what Jamie is doing... It ALL starts with our kids... We are the ones who have to make the change for them!

Please watch his acceptance speech for the TED award http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIwrV5e6fMY. I cry every time I have watched it.

This is a great article as well: http://eating.health.com/2010/03/05/school-meals-matter/

I encourage you to take the initiative to change your childrens world for the better. It begins in the home. It begins with you!

Love and Health,


  1. I have decided to stop taking the easy route and start packing my children's lunches every day. Tomorrow will be day one, and I am proud to say that all our lunches are packed and ready to go!

    We went to the store today and we all made healthy lunch choices. My children are thrilled with this decision - turns out they hate the lunches most of the time! Now, there is no excuse not to fix MY lunch because I will be making my kids lunch anyway!

    It's amazing how in my mind they are worth the commitment and the preparation, but I wouldn't find the time to do it myself...

  2. I completely feel you on this one... My children are ALWAYS worth the effort but why not me? I find Im never a priority... That must change for things to stop yo-yo-ing for me.

    Im in it to win it! Congrats on making a great choice today :) Smile and enjoy the moments.

  3. I agree. And admit to being a bad role model and also contributing to the potential for life-long bad eating habits for my boys. They are thin and don't seem to have my food "issues" but they sure do not eat healthy! I take full responsibility. I did a lot of things right as a mom but not this. If you are interested, I blogged about it a while back: http://waistingtimeblog.com/2010/01/28/picky-picky-picky/