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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Little Successes that make a Huge Difference

My appetite has been insatiable these past couple of days. I have had a ton of stress this week at work. I found out Sunday that we are being audited on Tuesday. That means two things: 1. I have very little time to make sure everything is as right as possible. and 2. I have to work on my day off.

We visit my dad and his family to keep in touch and the kids can see their grandpa. Most of the time we end up going out for pizza :( Pizza is a cheesy goodness that I have a hard time eating in moderation but I have been working hard and doing better.

This week though they are going to do a late easter dinner. His wife's cooking is always fad laden, overly salted, and never has enough veggies to balance the meal. Ugh... "She's cooking??" says my 7 year old. "Yes honey, we need to be polite and not complain like last time" Son rolls his eyes.

She serves ham, heavy cream mashed potatoes, cream gravy, large dinner rolls, baked beans with hotdogs (weird right?), and halved ears of boiled corn on the cob. Now Im rolling my eyes.

I tried to eat sensibly but my stressful day at the office plus not eating a snack before we left I ate more than I should have.


Get to the office early and lunch is packed. I ate my oatmeal and almonds quickly and got to work. Ahhh! By 1:00 I have to run a quick errand so I pick up 1/2 a subway sandwich because IM STARVING! Back to work and Im there until 6:00 were again I forgot to snack when I got hungry and now again feel STARVING. Pair this with a very stressed woman and you have snack searching Mama...

We are eating at my moms and they make Tilapia and steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and asparagus. I eat slowly to try and enjoy my yummy food and felt okay after dinner. A little calmer and happy I didnt eat junk.

We went home to get the kids ready for tomorrow and then it strikes like a huge brick. Stress hunger. I have to go back to the office and make sure we are ready for tomorrows audit. I grab my wallet and tell my husband that I feel a junk night. He's like okay cool! (Silly man)

I head to the office and by the time Im done (nearly an hour and a half later) I realize the activity and distraction I am no longer craving all the junk!

I go home and get ready for bed ready for tomorrow :) Ahhh successes!


Get to work at 5:45am for the audit. Not much sleep the night before considering I got home at 10pm. Sigh. Its supposed to be my day off. Anyway I had a few snacks packed. I stopped and got a small fatfree sugar free coffee. Victory #1 :)

Audit commences and I snack on a few almonds here, a couple of triscuits there as we go making sure to keep myself calm and hunger at bay. Eight hours later we are done and we got a green! Yay! Victory #2 :)

I made dinner instead of going out. We had gymnastics after school but soccer practice was canceled and I had time before swim class! So we ate at home. Victory #3 :)


I realized how motivated I began feeling since I saw my choices that helped me after the bad one I made Sunday. I realized EVERYTHING is about balance! Maybe Im learning more this time than previous times. I realized Im gonna get this right as long as I make little victories along the way! How empowering.

What were some of your successes this week?

Love and Health,

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