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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time happens no matter what your choices are and a Word Worthy Wednesday

So the last time I was on weight watchers my mom and I were both going to weight watchers together. I was losing weight at an average of about 10 lbs a month. My mom was doing great too but she was losing at a slower rate. She would see me 1.5-2 pound loss each week next to her .5-1.5 loss each week and get discouraged. Sometimes I wouldnt want to tell her how much I lost and one week after a small gain the week before I lost 3.5 pounds and just lied about how much I lost.

One day when she had done everything right and the results werent there she was almost in tears. I felt horrible that she was sad but I was so proud of her for making the right choices that week.

I looked at her and said, "This week would have went by even if you were eating the wrong foods, huge portion sizes, and not exercising. How does it feel knowing you made the right choices during that time?" I felt like someone had just rung a bell inside my head.

If I do nothing good for myself time goes by; if I make good healthy choices time goes by. It is NOT the end of the world either way.

Of course that thought rang true. Three years ago I stopped working on making good choices and guess what? Three years of bad choices is now behind me and I am now working on making choices that positively impact my life DAILY. By focusing on today I will see another 3 years go by. My choices during the days that make up that 3 years, 10 years, 25 years, 70 years will determine my quality of life.

If you have today, make the best choices that you can. Just remember, you will have tomorrow too :)

It is so important we focus on the positives and successes that we accomplish. Yeah, everyone gets in a funk now and then but its the positive thoughts that pull us out.

I challenge you to be proud of yourself! I leave you with this quote that I know so many of us will relate to:

Our world surrounds us with tools needed to be overweight, self conscious, and unhappy. It takes effort, more effort than anything else in this world for us to change that. It takes soul searching, it takes forgiveness, patience, a consistent effort, it takes growing as an individual. It is absolutely something that you can do. You just have to keep trying.

Love and Health,


  1. Very inspiring post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. "This week would have went by even if you were eating the wrong foods, huge portion sizes, and not exercising." I love this!!!!