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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just ate so now I need a nap?

So I have been doing pretty well this week.  I have been keeping things in check and even continuing to work out when I can.  (My work schedule is super crazy)

I have been noticing for a few months that anytime I eat I feel SUPER tired afterwards.  I used to think it was just that I ate the wrong foods and it was a side effect of my diabetes.  But now that I have been eating better and keeping my carb intake under control I was hoping it would subside.

Im sitting here feeling like my eyes are gonna close on me as I type this.  I ate roasted brussel sprouts and a turkey patty with no breading or bun.  Not a refined carb in site and I still feel like Im just gonna pass out.  It definately makes me question my original theory.

If anyone has any advise as to why food makes me so tired that would just be awesome!

Thanks everyone :)

Love and Health,

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