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Friday, May 7, 2010

Special occasions. Do you allow yourself to splurge?

Its my anniversary today and I am definately planning to be off plan this weekend as we are traveling out of town. Now this doesnt give me a free ticket to go crazy but I plan on enjoying myself. I will try to make good choices but Im not going to stress about this one little weekend.

I just had a YUMMY little treat that my hubby brought home as a surprise :) Salted Caramels. OMG this is a party in your mouth! Im sure they are probably 3 points or more a piece and I ate two but my goodness were the bestest treat ever!

He also brought these home!

Do you allow yourself "special" off plan times? Or how to you deal with these occasions?

Love and Health,

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  1. I am working towards that. My goal is that I live most days on my healthy eating plan but that for special occasions I can enjoy myself without guilt. That is the play. I'll see how it goes. This month has two Mother's Day celebrations and my birthday. That is a lot more splurging than I had in mind.

    Happy anniversary:)