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Friday, January 21, 2011

Changing relationships...

So I have noticed the last few days I have felt a real shift.  Things are easier... My body is accepting the changes I am making.  I feel less fights with myself when I say no to food now. 

Last night I went to skate night with my kids and they have popcorn and icee drinks there.  I ALWAYS eat the popcorn... I love movie theater style popcorn.  Yesterday I seriously didnt eat one kernal!  I didnt even have to work at it.

I am so excited!

I woke up this morning down a total of 12 pounds. The bar at the top is almost down enough to see my starting weight!   I am thrilled :) 

I also have noticed I seem to forget if I have eaten or taken my drops.  I NEVER forget if I have eaten or need to eat.  That was super weird!  LOL

Another thing... My blood sugar was only 133 this morning!  I am so excited to see my body responding so well.  I feel sooo much better :)

I hope things are going well with everyone!

Love and Health

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