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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

HCG and me... day 1

As you can see my last post was in May!  At that time I had dropped from 252.4 to 218.2... so i should start by saying, i am currently 250.4 today.

My fasting blood sugar was 216 today.   What's worse is it has been consistently that high!!!   EEK!

My body is in crisis mode!  I am 29 years old and have the body of an unhealthy person twice my age!  I need to reset my body and fast!!

I was contemplating gastric bypass surgery and my doctor was on board due to the severity of how bad my blood work was.  I have tried losing so many times and stall and cant get it fully under control.

He suggested I try HCG as a last resort before we start surgery consult.  It was such a whirlwind of emotion.  I am killing myself!

So fast forward a couple of weeks... Today I started my HCG drops and Phase 1.  You are supposed to take the drops and eat fatty foods so I ate pizza for breakfast and carls jr for lunch and Mexi Restaurant for Dinner! I feel like crap!

For those unfamiliar with HCG its a very low calorie diet where the HCG allows your body to access your "reserve" fats first just like when you are pregnant and feeding a second person.  It is the final of three different fats used in survival mode when faced with starvation.  The only time your body has free access is with the help of the hormone HCG.  Its pretty interesting to see how it all works :)

I have one more "junk" day and based on how I feel today I am looking forward to phase 2.

I am crossing my fingers!

Love and Health,

~Mama Twana

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