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Friday, February 18, 2011

One week to go...

So in 7 days I will stop my drops for my first round of phase 3.  I am excited and worried all at the same time.  I find the structure of phase 2 of this diet easy.  i know what I am allowed to have and how much to see results.  I dont know my body well enough yet to know what foods will cause a gain.  I do still see smaller losses after eating cabbage - ugh so terrible because I just love it!  Its okay though - I will just skip it for now.

But!!!  I am soo excited - I have not been able to take my wedding ring off for 4 years now!  I was able to take it off yesterday!  I have been worried since the prongs havent been serviced since I got the new ring 4 years ago.  That is 4 years people!  My ring is a size 7 and at 250 pounds my finger is a size 9... That is a tight fit for sure!  My finger looks rediculous so I have a space saver I bought from Walmart for super cheap until I get mine back. 

I also am finding comfort in knowing I have so many people to rely on for support in the HCG community.  They are all so wonderful.

Until next time,

Love and Health

~Mama T

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