Weight Progress

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So today has been a very lazy day.

I woke with a weird headache and a funny feeling. I just cant get rid of it. This is the first visit from TOM since starting ww again.

I didnt eat a whole lot yesterday. I wasnt hungry. I am more hungry today but still with this headache nothing sounds good...

I got my haircut yesterday. I really like it :)

Gonna eat soon, Im hoping I feel better afterwards.

Love and Health,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What is my deal today?

So I'm sitting here freaking ready to burst into tears for anything! I mean I watched a funny, and I mean FUNNY mom song to the horse racing song and I had to fight back tears. Im grouchy and emotional. It totally feels hopeless. I know its temporary but... UGH.

I also have had almost no appetite today.

TOM is almost gone and I feel like Im in my PMS week right now... Im all messed up.

My face is breaking out but only because Im not taking care of it.

I feel like I totally need to re-evaluate my priorities...Im uber lazy and just cant break that cycle it seems...

Love and Health,