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Friday, May 7, 2010

Special occasions. Do you allow yourself to splurge?

Its my anniversary today and I am definately planning to be off plan this weekend as we are traveling out of town. Now this doesnt give me a free ticket to go crazy but I plan on enjoying myself. I will try to make good choices but Im not going to stress about this one little weekend.

I just had a YUMMY little treat that my hubby brought home as a surprise :) Salted Caramels. OMG this is a party in your mouth! Im sure they are probably 3 points or more a piece and I ate two but my goodness were the bestest treat ever!

He also brought these home!

Do you allow yourself "special" off plan times? Or how to you deal with these occasions?

Love and Health,

10 years ago...

Today is my 10 year wedding anniversary.  Through all the crazy times we have had, the hard times, the good times, the fun times, the sad times, we have stayed together.

It hasn't always been easy but I am very happy we have made this milestone in our lives.

I love you sweetie.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kempo X from P90X, Eat my shorts!

Man I feel fantastic! Let me tell you why :)

A year and half ago I bought my husband the P90X program and would NEVER have attempted this very scary workout. I mean, something that causes such a quick transformation must have some serious repercussions afterwards. Yikes! I was vowing to never make myself go through that torture.

Well, I have made myself start working out lately and have been attending turbo kick and zumba classes when I can. I believe I have made it to 5 classes now.

Monday I did Zumba and it was a weak workout! I mean I did sweat but Im crazy; When I work out I want to feel like I am gonna fall over when Im done. Zumba just cant do that for me.
I went to Zumba because I couldnt go to Turbo Kick because I had to work.

Tuesday I couldnt go to Turbo Kick because my husband worked late and Tuesdays schedule for us is super busy: School, Gymnastics, dinner, Soccer, Swimming. Turbo class overlaps gymnastics and dinner but is across town. I cant go if hes working so I didnt go.

Wednesdays I usually go to Turbo Kick at 5:30 but we had Cinco De Mayo dinner plans so I didnt go today either...

So instead of missing another workout, I worked out at home!! I loved it too! Hubby and Little T (daughter) worked out with me too. Mister C (son) started but quit 20 minutes in.

So heres why Im proud. I did the Kempo X from the P90X series and I ROCKED THE HOUSE! I kept up with the video and felt strong and amazingly powerful. I was always so scared to do this workout but I did it and did it well!

I feel just awesome right now :)

Have any of you done the P90X?

Love and Health,

Word Worthy Wednesday

So this weeks Word Worthy Wednesday isnt really pretty or decorated but I dont think it needs it.

So often in our journeys to health we begin to stress about what may come, what the scale may say, how will we control ourselves at the dinner party.  We also dwell on past experiences (not failures) that have given us less than expected results.

All we can do is focus on the now.  How will you live your now?
Love and Health,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just ate so now I need a nap?

So I have been doing pretty well this week.  I have been keeping things in check and even continuing to work out when I can.  (My work schedule is super crazy)

I have been noticing for a few months that anytime I eat I feel SUPER tired afterwards.  I used to think it was just that I ate the wrong foods and it was a side effect of my diabetes.  But now that I have been eating better and keeping my carb intake under control I was hoping it would subside.

Im sitting here feeling like my eyes are gonna close on me as I type this.  I ate roasted brussel sprouts and a turkey patty with no breading or bun.  Not a refined carb in site and I still feel like Im just gonna pass out.  It definately makes me question my original theory.

If anyone has any advise as to why food makes me so tired that would just be awesome!

Thanks everyone :)

Love and Health,