Weight Progress

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Met an awesome goal today!

So last week I wrote that I was hoping to get below 218 before the 25th.  Today is the 24th and I am sooo happy to report that I not only met that goal I crushed it!  I weighed in today at 217!!  Tomorrow marks 42 days on VLCD (very low calorie day) on phase 2 of the HCG diet.

This diet has been monumental in fixing my health issues and lowering my weight quickly.  I am seeing it work and I am so happy to have found it!

I havent vlogged for almost two weeks... I am such a slacker!  I start phase 3 on Monday and I am excited to see how that goes :)

My husband has started the hcg diet and is doing very well.  I am so proud of how he's doing!

If you have questions dont hesitate to ask!

Love and Health,

~Mama T

Friday, February 18, 2011

One week to go...

So in 7 days I will stop my drops for my first round of phase 3.  I am excited and worried all at the same time.  I find the structure of phase 2 of this diet easy.  i know what I am allowed to have and how much to see results.  I dont know my body well enough yet to know what foods will cause a gain.  I do still see smaller losses after eating cabbage - ugh so terrible because I just love it!  Its okay though - I will just skip it for now.

But!!!  I am soo excited - I have not been able to take my wedding ring off for 4 years now!  I was able to take it off yesterday!  I have been worried since the prongs havent been serviced since I got the new ring 4 years ago.  That is 4 years people!  My ring is a size 7 and at 250 pounds my finger is a size 9... That is a tight fit for sure!  My finger looks rediculous so I have a space saver I bought from Walmart for super cheap until I get mine back. 

I also am finding comfort in knowing I have so many people to rely on for support in the HCG community.  They are all so wonderful.

Until next time,

Love and Health

~Mama T

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Made 25 pounds in 28 VLCD!!

Hey all - I am really not doing much reporting lately but I am updating my weight charts each day.

Today however I reached my first goal!!!  I got to 10% released!  I am so stinking excited.  I have 2 weeks left of this round and I want to make sure to get to a mini goal.  I left this blog vacant last May weighing 218.8... I really want to end this round at or below that.  I am super excited to see that number again and cant wait until I can start my second round!

I hope you all are doing wonderfully :)

Love and Health,

~Mama T

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The importance of creating small goals...

So I have really begun to forget all the things that are so important when transforming yourself.  I find myself looking at the huge number still left to go to get to my goal.  It is so intimidating. 

But then I realize my first goal was to reach 10% lost and Im less than 5 pounds away!  My next goal:  onederland!  Next goal:  179 (185 is a big setpoint for me and a regular stopping point in the past)!  After that:  149  and finally 130-135.

If you break it down like little projects it all adds up to the final goal but so much less stressful. 

Here are some key reminders I use to keep from getting overwhelmed.  I hope they can help you too!

1. It takes time and patience no matter what program you are on.

2. Small choices make small successes which over time equal big successes.

3. You did not gain 120 pounds overnight.  Therefore losing it overnight is out of the question.

4. Your journey is BIGGER than the scale!!!

5. Today is just as important as tomorrow and day after that and the day after that.

6. Learn from each day how important your health is and this is not only about losing the extra weight.

7. Remember that small goals are key to your motivation!

8. Communicate with yourself daily and remember the positives and forgive the struggles.  The last thing you need is to beat yourself up!

9. Have a support person - someone who can help you see how far you have really gone.

10. Repeat 1-9 as needed.

I hope this post finds you in better health that yesterday and embracing more love for yourself and the journey you are on than you have felt in previous days.

Love and Health,

~Mama T